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Happy #portfolioday! To celebrate this, we offer you 90 days free on explore.family. If you know someone who wants the check out our features - send this link → <a href="https://www.bit.ly/explore90days" target="_blank">www.bit.ly/explore90days</a>. Link will be active for three days. Happy creating!
Make my wish come true. Happy Holidays!
Share your Case Study on Explore. You can publish a simple post or create a more comprehensive Case Study to tell a complete story of your project. Add media + text and enjoy other fresh features we made for you.
Build your portfolio lightning fast. Take your already published stuff or post new work on Explore, use our *new* Portfolio feature, click all your favorite designs and make them your portfolio.
This is the biggest update since the launch! We are excited to introduce two new major features that will be invaluable to every creative - Case Studies and Portfolio.
Our spirit in explore.family keeps ringing. We are dedicated to bring you our new features before Christmas.
List of things you will not see in Explore.family: ads, cropped artworks, algorithms. This place is all about you and your work.
In recent days we welcome more new amazing creatives on Explore.Family so we are doing the happy dance.
Every illustrator, graphic designer or  animator can agree that it’s hard to update one's portfolio.
For case studies you'll be able to choose between the small & large font size.
To make the experience of case studies better, some UI improvements will be added. Case studies feature coming this month!
Something is cookin'
Did you know? Explore has a feature request board where you can vote for your favourites or suggest new ones — <a href="https://explore-feedback.nolt.io" target="_blank">explore-feedback.nolt.io</a>
We've put together Explore's Code of Conduct - we hope it will help us build a community that cares. Read all here - <a href="https://explore.family/conduct" target="_blank">explore.family/conduct</a>
Hey World! We are coming! Monday, October 17, 3:00 p.m. CEST.