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Your new creative space since 2022. Cover artwork by Rasmus Bak.
It is with a heavy heart that we must announce the closure of Explore. Letter from us - <a href="https://explore.family/announcement" target="_blank">explore.family/announcement</a> Thank you for being a part of the Explore journey!
Explore is free from any ads or algorithms. You see only content from people who you follow. However, if you wish to view content beyond your usual interests, go to the dedicated section and... explore.
Now you can see who is following you on Explore. Go to your profile, click "Followers" and discover who's keeping up with your posts on Explore. And yes, the follower feature remains private and visible only to you.
If you've ever wondered who's been sending you virtual "Thank you's" for your Explore posts, wonder no more. Now you can privately see who appreciates and saves your posts. Just go to your Explore profile.
Do you like to see your work cropped this way? We neither. On Explore.family you can post any ratio image or video and never see it cropped.
Explore is free from ads and algorithms — both paid and free versions. But with PRO sub for 4.99$ per month, you get a portfolio and case study feature to showcase your best work and post as many pictures as you want per post.
When you make your portfolio on Explore, you can spice it up with a personalized free subdomain for your link.
Happy Friday! Have some chocolate and don't stop creatin'
Come to the dark side. Or white. You can choose between a dark or light mode when creating a portfolio in Explore.
Want to showcase your amazing projects? Our Case Study feature lets you share in-depth project details. Many of you have fascinating stories hidden beneath them. Why not share with the world? :)
You are the champions, my friends. It's truly inspiring to see the rapid growth of Explore's community, and we love to see all your incredible posts and creative works. Wishing you a fantastic weekend, and thank you for being a part of Explore!
Portfolio building is a task that seems to be a never ending story. We have a solution! With Explore you can build a portfolio from your previously published images & connect a domain in just a few minutes. Cool, right? To explain this a bit more - if Instagram had a similar feature, you could share a custom link of your favorite image collections with anyone.
Proud to have the amazing Sawdust team as a part of Explore community. Thank you for the kind words! 🙌
Add up to three of your valuable links to Explore profile. Want to be reachable? Add an e-mail. Sell your work somewhere? Add your shop link. Have something to say in words? Add your Twitter link.
May your portfolio be so impressive that Cupid himself would want to hire you as his personal designer. Happy Valentine's day! ❤️
Great to see a lot of new faces on Explore lately. You are very welcome here. 🖤 Last week, Explore and our team was mentioned in the article by "It's nice that." You can read about how we see Explore and why we came up with this idea → <a href="https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/explore-family-creative-industry-sponsored-content-080223" target="_blank">www.itsnicethat.com/articles/explore-fa...</a>
Our latest update has arrived, introducing both Free and Pro plans to make Explore community open to all aspiring creatives.
Happy #portfolioday! To celebrate this, we offer you 90 days free on explore.family. If you know someone who wants the check out our features - send this link → <a href="https://www.bit.ly/explore90days" target="_blank">www.bit.ly/explore90days</a>. Link will be active for three days. Happy creating!
Make my wish come true. Happy Holidays!
Share your Case Study on Explore. You can publish a simple post or create a more comprehensive Case Study to tell a complete story of your project. Add media + text and enjoy other fresh features we made for you.