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By chance, I bumped into the work of Austrian photographer Inge Morath. She joined Magnum Agency in the 50s. Morath was a brilliant artist, took photos of many celebrities and her street style approach fascinates me. I took one of her photos as the model for this drawing, both a homage to Mrs Morath but also of the style and atmosphere of the 1950s New York. You can get this one as a print from my shop <a href="https://www.luismendo.com/shop/nancy-runs" target="_blank">www.luismendo.com/shop/nancy-runs</a>
About reflecting on the past year and keeping hope for the future. You can buy this as a print here: <a href="https://www.luismendo.com/shop/letting-go-of-yesterday" target="_blank">www.luismendo.com/shop/letting-go-of-...</a>
Fellow artists: this is how I set up my prints shop, helping my family back in Spain and avoiding (most of) big companies, while keeping quality high. ➽ luismendo.com/shop
How to make winter of an autumn drawing by just changing the palette and adding some snow.
New work for the The Washington Post, about mothers not only welcoming LGBTQ children’s identity but also joining the struggle to change people’s minds. Something I have seen very close and makes me proud 🌈 Here's a link to the article: <a href="https://t.co/0hqOBlMJ0A" target="_blank">t.co/0hqOBlMJ0A</a>
My beloved one. On a yellow bed.
A ferret and the moon. You can see many in the streets of Tokyo, hunting for food at night.
Past July I went though yet another creative block. This was some of the thoughts that went through my mind.
View from the train on my way to my in-laws. Chiba, Japan.
This poor crow up on a tree had eaten something that got stuck in his throat. It was so sad to see him making squeaking sounds… he flew away so I couldn't do much to help him.
Winter scene, because it's coming close.
Putting out fires. The way I feel often.
Summer mornings, reading e-mails.
Rejected illustration for the NYT
Having lunch on the High Line. New York City, summer of 2022.