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The work of Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton. Visual Arts, Typography, Design.
Breathe Composition / movement articulation.
Happy International Women's Day!
Affection Exploring sculptural letterforms made using minimalist, universal objects.
N / Concrete Form / light study.
Circle of Circles
Brand mark visualisation and animation for Tesseract Icons. Tesseract are creators of new art works inspired by humanity's archetypes – a new space of ownership, distinction and culture. Partnering with owners of iconic assets through exclusive digital art licenses and joining forces with the most influential artists, fashion designers, musicians, celebrities, and luxury brands to create new, singular digital art. Commissioned by Leagas Delaney.
Fall and Rise
Five — Outro
Four — Sawtooth
Three — Release
Two — Sequence
One — On
This piece, named Continuum, looks at the transitional flow between different pattern configurations through form, light and shadow. At opposite ends, the shapes are perceptibly different, but when adjacent in a continuous sequence, they become more difficult to distinguish from one another. Being able to view the different arrangements in only a transient way becomes interesting in its own right. This artwork has sound.